Two Years Later....

Looking at the date on the last entry, it has been over two years since I dropped cable TV for the combination of an antenna and streaming video.

So here's the long term view on the change.

A few months ago I switched from Playstation Vue to the combination of YouTubeTV and Philo. The combination provides the same channel line up as Playstation Vue, plus a few additional channels.  As a bonus, they use about half the data as PSVue.  That doesn't make a lot of difference for me, but for those that have problems staying under a data cap, it could make a difference.

The ease of making changes like this is one of the advantages of streaming video over traditional cable TV.  Dropping or adding a service is simple. Go to the streaming service's website, log in and make the change. That's it, your done. No phone calls, no service visits, no waiting for "2 hour windows" for a truck to arrive.  No exchange of equipment.  You get the idea.

Would I go back to Cable TV? No. Even if the cost were the same, the convenience factor is too big to ignore.