Re-visiting Sling!

Just before I was going to cancel my 90-day test of Sling, they threw me a curve. There are now two major combinations of channels. One is based on ESPN and other Disney properties, the other on Fox/NBC.  There is lots of overlap, and things change every so often. Rather than trying to keep up with it here, you'll just have to go to the Sling site and check the current offerings for yourself.

Sling also redesigned the user interface for the Roku app, my main viewing device. It's better. You can now designate favorite channels and shows. This makes getting to the content you care about much easier. It's still not great, but it's much better if you take the time to designate your favorites.

At the same time they've added support for the Apple-TV. I'm still a Roku/Chromecast user and don't have any significant investment in stuff purchased through the Apple store. If you're in that ecosystem, however, it may be a better choice for you. 

I've made a couple of updates to my previous "So Long, Sling" post, eliminating a lot of the detail that's out of date. And I've switched to the FOX based offering for now. In addition to the Fox Sports channels listed on the Sling website, there are also 3 additional alternate feeds. As an example, tonight, the St. Louis Cardinals are on the main Fox Midwest feed and the Kansas City Royals are on Midwest Alternate 1.  However, both games are blacked out because of agreements with the cable carriers. If you're a sports fan, this may make a difference to you. That, of course is accurate as I write, but Sling changes from time to time. It's always a good idea to check the current offerings before signing up.

So, as I said in the beginning, I'm slowly chipping away at cable TV. Two things are pretty obvious. As cable goes away, the price of the Internet offerings is going to go up, as will the price of internet service. Long term, this isn't going to be about saving money. It will be more about choice and flexibility.