The Church Project Continues

A few months ago I started photographing St. Bridget's Church.  Photographing the church, the stained glass windows, the altars and some of the more significant statuary has turned into a larger project than expected.

After the first visit I decided to compile a set of the images into a book to make them easier to share with friends and family.  That changed the nature of the project, increasing the number of images needed for illustration.

After three visits it looks like I'm "almost" half finished with the photography.  There are many stained glass windows and other items that are yet to be photographed.  Some photos will need to be reshot at better angles or different lighting conditions.  A number of the photos can't be taken until later in the year when the light comes from a better direction.

I've put a few sample images here.  My intention is to finish with the photography before the end of the year.