St. Bridget's Church - Print-a-Day 2

Day 2 of the Print-a-Day-for-30-days experiment is this photo of two of the altars in St. Bridget's church.

This is another test shot from the same church in yesterday's photo. Photographing the church will be a longer term project for this year.

Given all of the linen and marble in the photo you might think setting the white balance would be easy. In this photo, the perception of white is more important than a technically correct white. In a print, the color of the paper has an effect on the "whiteness" in the photo.

Lightroom can help with this if you've calibrated your monitor and have accurate profiles for the ink and paper you've chosen.  But the process isn't perfect.  A simulation on a monitor will never perfectly match a print.  So, there isn't any substitute for a test print.