Peru at CSM - January 25, 2011

A friend's daughter plays college basketball.  Her team was in town to play a local team, so I had a chance to shoot a game from the floor.

I haven't shot a basketball game since I was in high school.  Cameras have changed a lot since then, and it seems like the game moves a lot faster. (Maybe I'm just moving slower.)

School gyms are dark, but this one seemed darker than average.  The whole game was shot at an ISO higher than I would have liked and a shutter speed that was slower than I would have liked.  Even so, the shots were slightly underexposed and had more than a bit of noise. ACR and Photoshop helped a bit.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun and learned a lot.  Here are a few shots from the game.

Here's a link to a short video generated with Animoto.