Dual Reflections - Print-a-Day-9

This is number 9 in the series "Print-a-Day for 30 Days"

This is one half of a pair of buildings in downtown Omaha called the Twin Towers.  When you first look at this photo it appears that the other half of the pair is simply being reflected in the windows.  On closer examination you see two reflections.  The first is the image of the second building in the windows.  The brighter, diagonal is the light being reflected onto the brickwork from the other building's windows.

This is one of those images that is much better when printed large.  The reflections and the brick detail are what make the image.  Click on the image to see it as big as your screen will allow.

Printing this photo wasn't difficult.  I boosted the sharpening in the print version to enhance the detail in the bricks.