A Pond in the Shade

Omaha - Henry Doorly Zoo

A shaft of light pierces the trees and illuminates a small spot near a pond at the zoo.

This is a photo I took several years ago with an early digital camera.  The difference between the bright and shaded areas is quite large.  The camera did a pretty good job of recording everything given the limited capabilities of cameras from that time period.

I recently reprocessed the image with Lightroom 5.  It did a better job of teasing out more detail than previous versions of software.  Only the brightest highlights of the sun shining on the birds have lost detail and the remainder of the photo looks much better than the original conversion.  The detail in the shadows is significantly improved.

If you have older raw files you may want to pick a few of the special photos and try reprocessing them in more recent software.  You may find the camera captured more information than you thought.