High Risk - It's all in the Approach

Grand Canyon - 1975

One more from the Grand Canyon.   That's a much younger version of me hanging out on the ledge. The drop from the narrow path goes all the way to the bottom of the canyon.  The walk along the ledge is risky.  One wrong step and it's a quick trip to the bottom.

This is a popular spot for tourist photos.  It's actually a short, easy walk from the main trail and, for all the look of danger, it's relatively safe if you approach it from behind the scene.  It's a very short walk through that cave.  On the other side is a short trail that is wide enough for a truck.  So, what looks risky is really no worse than an afternoon stroll in the park.

I suppose I could get all philosophical and talk about how many things are like that in life, risky when approached from the wrong direction.  But, it's Monday morning and that would require way to much thinking.