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COURSE DESCRIPTION: Using your Digital Single Lens Reflex camera, you will learn the basic principles necessary to achieve the sharply focused, correctly exposed images. We will cover the techniques that will help you get the creative results you envisioned. You will shoot the assignments with your own camera. Each class will begin with a discussion of the previous weeks assignments. This class will primarily cover using your camera in available light. There will be a single session covering the use of Flash. You will need a Digital Single Lens Reflex camera or other fully adjustable digital camera to successfully complete the class assignments

COURSE OBJECTIVES:  The intention of the class is to learn how to use the core functions of the digital SLR to improve your photography and achieve your creative vision. It is clearly a class on the fundamental mechanics of using the camera, but enough of the creative aspects are covered to put the mechanics in context.

Typical Classes 

Week One:  Focusing and Exposure

Week Two: Controlling Motion Effects and Depth of Field

Week Three: Controlling Light, Color and Perspective

Week Four: Balancing Available Light and Flash

Week Five: Shooting in Raw, High Dynamic Range and Panoramas, Class Wrap-up